I’m standing in front of the mirror, warm crimson pooling down my hand, encircling the shards. My shadow cast upon the wall, looming over my figure. Duplicates form of the shadow and me. We begin to bubble like tar, molding into one monster. I hear screaming, but I don’t think it’s my own. It can’t be me, because I feel satisfied.

  The blackness fades as I awake from my episode. Every joint moans in agony as I stretched on my makeshift bed. Every muscles moves in unison as get to my feet. My silent symphony is so beautiful, but I know it will end soon.

   Gently I move forward, I’m in Mode. Mode is my beautifully sharp, everything just bounces off. I am focused, nothing breaks my anticipation. I can get on with my project, my future.

   I stop at the wall, and I watch my fingers go to the mirrors. Black paint chips dust my hand after I bless each one. Small and large alike salute me in my mission. I move on to the shelves above them, lined with my collection. All the things I need to one day have all I could ever need to be happy. The sunset dims through the wooden blinds of the single window, catching the jars. They gleam off of every project and I feel myself smile inside, however Mode won’t let it reach my lips. I hear a creak from upstairs and I know she is up and ready. I waited all day for her to get up, dozing off myself. I turn to grab the stuff I want to show her. Rhythmically I bound the wooden steps, the creaks cheering me on.

   I’ve always been envious of girls like her. Collarbone filled beauties, long light soft hair, hanging to almost their hips in curtains. Delicate fingers to point out every angle in which their body symmetrically takes up space. Her eyes look at me, wide. She must be happy to not be alone either. She came over last night but I fell asleep quickly, so she waited for me to wake up. I set down my bin beside her, turning on the light hanging by the roof. The room comes into focus as shadows come to life and dance across the wall. As the light brings her more into focus, I admire how my wall paper compliments her. Hand printed pattern encircles her frame in such a way I swear she glowed to me. I wish I glowed like an angel.

   When I opened the door, Mode put my senses on high and I could smell her perfume. She was going to teach me her ways. She looked at me with her head cocked to the side as I handed her the set, sliding it to her feet. Opening the spa set I created I heard her muffled words but I didn’t catch it. Her head held high she sat in the chair, staring at me with anticipation. I could feel her foot tapping on the floor, small feet perfectly keeping in rhythm. I was so glad I brought her over; she was a great one to test the products with.  She had the perfect face for it; she was the one who could finish it all for me, end this.

   I lay her head back and settled the cool mask on her skin. I could smell it taking effect. She dozed off, so I assumed it must have been relaxing. After a while I take the mask off, ready for the final steps.  I turn her to face her mirror, not yet painted, so she can see how much she’s helped me after. Gently I start with her hair, molding it perfectly, creating the perfect shape. Next her nose, so cute and small, now is glistening. Lastly her lips traced and removed of any harshness now. The colour began flooding over her face, almost like rushing waterfalls.

  The wet feeling throws me out of mode, I finally hearing what she’s been screaming, letting it replay in my head. I’m already at the mirror, blonde hair in hand and blood on my face. Gurgled now are her screams as I place her nose over mine, dark crimson outlining my new angled face. In the back I see her go limp, hung over the chair, her smooth finger splayed out. I whisper my thanks for her visit as I admire my new face. It helps almost get past the whale of a waist and sausage legs. Slowly as the parts mask my scared ones I grab the can of paint. It’s almost time to seal her mirror closed. The closer I look at myself though, I wonder, maybe I need more friends to help me. I’ll have to go out tomorrow. I’ve just always wanted to be pretty. 




“Knife Behind Back, The Doorbell Rings.

“She Cried Alone, They Laughed Together.”

“He Loved Alcohol, More Than Himself.”

“She Laughed Playfully, Her Eyes Lit.”


“One Minute Here, Next Minute Gone. ”

“The Clown Fell Into The Well”

“Motive: Cleanse the World. Filthy inside.”

“Rich Are Poor. Poor Are Rich.”

“Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall. Same Routine.”

“Physically with me. Mentally with him.”

“Powerful Are Innocent until proven innocent.”

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